B2B Marketing Case Studies

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Daze Boosts BrainsWay's Search Visibility & Sales

BrainsWay offers a revolutionary, non-invasive Deep TMS treatment for Major Depression and OCD. The bio-tech brand appeals to two target audiences: healthcare professionals and patients. Daze SEO and content strategy generated a surge in traffic to the BrainsWay website, significantly boosting its visibility in search rankings and increasing user sessions by 200%.

Mer Group Achieves Amazing Lead Gen Results

Mer Group delivers turnkey tech solutions for the telecom, security and cleantech industries. The company was looking to reach out to Smart City integrators worldwide and schedule face-to-face sales meetings with interested prospects at an upcoming industry convention. Daze devised a LinkedIn outreach and messaging campaign that generated 43% warm leads.

Daze Helps Bank Leumi Recruit Investment Advisors

Bank Leumi, Israel’s leading bank, desperately needed Investment Advisors. At the end of 2021, when about 20 investment advisor positions opened up, this growing need became even more pressing. Bank Leumi’s HR team realized they had to find a recruitment strategy to reach as many potential candidates as possible within the shortest possible time frame. 
Daze launched a LinkedIn outreach and messaging campaign for Bank Leumi, generating a total of 43 leads. Thanks to the targeting system used by Daze, the bank now has a database of prospective candidates who may be suitable for future positions.