Ohad Pollak

“When we were looking to create a demand generation driver that could support the growth of our company, we turned to Daze. Their ABM approach using LinkedIn drove incredible campaign metrics and lead gen results. It just goes to show that when you work with a digital agency who sets the right campaign strategy, supports it with top-notch professional content, and continuous campaign optimization, you can absolutely achieve high-quality leads of top executives”.

Ohad Polak, VP Marketing at Seebo

The Challenge

The Ingredients

The Methodology

The Outcome



Although the campaign’s primary goal was setting up sales meetings at a particular event, the positive impact will be felt for far longer. Of those who replied to the connection request, 43% became leads. This created a substantial pipeline of warm leads who can be nurtured in the future, even if they did not choose to initiate a meeting during the convention.


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