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Your ideal client sees your post, your ad, gets a DM from you, and responds.

Daze–the only agency in Israel leveraging the power of full-funnel,
end-to-end marketing within LinkedIn.

Why settle for someone else’s strategy?

When it comes to B2B tech marketing, there is no one-size fits all strategy. That’s why we focus on developing a personal relationship with you, creating and adjusting the marketing strategy, tactics, and tools that best meet your growth goals.

Masters of LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides endless ways to build brand awareness, assert thought leadership, communicate with prospects, generate leads, and connect with high-quality audiences of actual decision-makers.

As masters of LinkedIn, we’re ready to help you fully extrapolate the power of LinkedIn.

It’s called “a lead”
for a reason

At Daze, we focus on quality, not quantity. The only way to reach your business growth goals is with a healthy stream of qualified leads that convert. Increasing sales and growing revenue is your goal and ours.

Our motto is that conversions, not dead-end leads, should measure a tech marketing agency’s performance.

So the secret to life,
the universe, and everything is:

Got you reading this paragraph, right? Good content is no laughing matter. B2B tech buying committees engage with online content at every stage of the journey to inform their purchase decisions.

The success of your marketing goals depends on creating valuable and targeted content that speaks to a diverse panel of decision-makers.

What is a good content strategy? Learn about content and so much more in the Daze Academy    

The data-rmination that drives results

We are data-driven. This means that every strategy is validated by our uniquely designed data tools. Calibrated per client, we use data to test everything – from strategy through channels and content, and optimize results.

Trusted by marketing leaders:

Don’t take our word for it

See what our clients have to say:
Lital Sagiv

“I had an enjoyable and pleasant experience throughout the campaign, both on a professional and a personal level. I am extremely happy that we opted for the LinkedIn Outreach solution. I have been in my current position for about a year, and I constantly try to implement new techniques and directions. I am excited about the collaboration with Daze, and I am grateful to them for their professionalism, availability, their total involvement in the project and our stimulating discussions “.

Lital Sagiv, Bank Leumi’s HR Manager

Ohad Pollak

“When we were looking to create a demand generation driver that could support the growth of our company, we turned to Daze. Their ABM approach using LinkedIn drove incredible campaign metrics and lead gen results. It just goes to show that when you work with a digital agency who sets the right campaign strategy, supports it with top-notch professional content, and continuous campaign optimization, you can absolutely achieve high-quality leads of top executives”.

Ohad Polak, VP Marketing at Seebo

Amdocs logo
Rubi Cohen

“Daze is, by far, the best B2B digital agency I’ve had the pleasure to work with. They are leaders in the field of content strategy and paid funnel strategy. Their quality is outstanding, and they are able to maintain it throughout the many years I’ve been working with them. What I like most about Daze is their orientation for service. I can call Gali at midnight if I need something urgent and it will be taken care of immediately. I know I can trust that team, always. ”

Rubi Cohen, Head of Digital at Amdocs

Sharon Dovev

“Working with Daze allowed us to increase our search ranking and visibility among our target audience, via a combination of technical SEO, high-quality, professional content, and optimization of the user interface of our website. This multi-faceted approach leveraged by the Daze team not only increased our exposure in organic search and improved reader engagement; it translated into quality leads and eventually, into a significant boost in sales.”

Sharon Dovev, VP of global marketing, BrainsWay

Dafna Ratzon

“Apart from gaining a substantial number of meetings, we were extremely impressed by the transparency afforded to us at every stage of the LinkedIn campaign. We had full visibility, with in-depth monthly reports so we could track progress and adapt our marketing activities for the convention accordingly. Daze didn’t just boost our pipeline, it boosted our confidence.”


Dafna Ratzon, Director of Marketing @MER Group