Linkedin Strategy: An Essential Part Of Your Marketing Mix

Marketing for B2B? Consider Linkedin for lead gen and awareness

Linkedin should be an essential component of your marketing strategy, if you are looking to target businesses, especially globally.

Why do you need Linkedin strategy? Here are a few reasons –

  • It has a big, targeted, easily segmented professional audience
  • It provides an easy way to communicate with professionals
  • It is a cost-effective lead generation as well as an advertising platform

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Why should you consider Linkedin as part of your marketing mix?

Linkedin became part of our professional life in 2002. It is now the world’s biggest business network with over 300 million members. In Israel, there are over 800,000 Linkedin users.

You may think that Linkedin’s power is by being the world’s most comprehensive, modern rolodex – because everyone is there. But Linkedin is way more that that.

Linkedin’s real value is its ability to target professionals based on very specific parameters such as job title, industry, company size, location, and more. There is no other tool that provides such capability. The combination of being a mega-rolodex, a professional social network, and a hyper-targeting tool – this is what makes Linkedin an essential part of every B2B marketing strategy, serving various goals – from awareness to branding, lead generation, and creating a community.

Linkedin marketing for awareness building

If you market a B2B product, Linkedin is a great place to start your awareness campaign – whether for brand building, for a new product or offering, or to promote another marketing activity – for example, let potential customers know you are going to be at a certain event.

Your company page and personal Linkedin profiles are the first channels where you should invest when you consider brand awareness at Linkedin. Employee profiles and company profiles should be optimized for the brand you are projecting, and should be constantly refreshed with news and updates.

Another Linkedin channel to consider for awareness building is Linkedin groups. There are 2.1 million Linkedin groups, and 200 conversations occur every minute in these groups. Being active in groups allows you to expose your expertise to relevant audience, giving us invaluable segmented data and access to relevant professionals.

Moreover, any group member can directly appeal to the group or to group members using Linkedin internal mail system. With a click of a button you can communicate directly with the audience of your choosing.

Linkedin marketing for lead generation

Linkedin is considered the most effective B2B lead generation tool. The percentage of companies who acquired a B2B customer through Linkedin is growing steadily: from 45% in 2010, to 65% in 2013. Linkedin activity can help you drive more traffic to your blog and website than any other marketing tool. And since you are driving the right kind of audience – your lead conversion grows, too.

Within your Linkedin strategy, there are different tactics you can employ for lead generation: The most direct way is through direct appeal to relevant audience. Because of Linkedin’s effective internal mail system, you can easily communicate with your target audience – through your own network, through people you know, or through groups.

Linkedin advertising as part of your B2B lead generation tools 

Linkedin’s advertising platform is another useful tool for lead generation. Linkedin’s advertising platform resembles Facebook advertising in structure – easy segmentation capabilities and side banners.

One important note regarding Linkedin advertising is its relatively low price point.

Because of Linkedin’s targeting capabilities that are built into the platform – groups and the direct mail system, it is easier to manage an effective campaign that can generate higher ROI.

Linkedin strategy: is it right for you?

Linkedin is a perfect marketing tool for companies targeting a global, professional audience, such as IT, marketing, developers, and others.

To summarize, here is the main benefits of a Linkedin strategy –

  • Access to a highly targeted and easily segmented professional audience
  • A built-in direct communication system with professionals
  • Higher ROI for lead generation and advertising campaigns

If you decided that Linkedin is part of your marketing mix, there are many different ways for successful Linkedin tactics.
At Daze, here are some of the Linkedin tactics we use:

Gali Soudak, Founder & CEO

Gali Soudak, Founder & CEO

For the last 15 years, I tested various online marketing strategies to generate high quality leads across numerous industries. I view myself as an army general, building a strategy to overcome my competitor’s marketing army.

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