This is NOT the Time to Lower Your Marketing Budget, and Here’s Why

Covid19 has hit the global economy with surprise and dismay, and this is not the time to shy away from extreme measures. Conferences are postponed to unknown future dates, businesses around the world are pushing ‘work from home’ plans ahead and settling into a new routine. We all know this will pass, and now is […]

Thought Leadership-as-a-Service

One of Daze’s signature offerings is our thought leadership service. This unique service is a great way to maximize the potential of social media to present a company’s executives as industry experts and leaders. Social media has transformed the marketing industry in recent years, and platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have become essential areas for […]

How To Get Digital Marketing Right

We’re living in exciting times of change. Ten years ago, just having your own website was a big deal. Today, it’s already clear to see that Digital marketing goes way beyond web development, SEO & social media. By taking into account all the different layers, you can really get a holistic view of what digital […]

B2B Tech Marketing

Daze’s outbound B2B campaigns owe their effectiveness to a great deal of preliminary research, which helps them target potential clients’ pain points and offer them a unique added value. With the right background information on quality leads, and a laser-focused presentation of the true value your services

Linkedin Strategy: An essential part of your marketing mix

If you market a B2B product, Linkedin is a great place to start your awareness campaign – whether for brand building, for a new product or offering, or to promote another marketing activity – for example, let potential customers know you are going to be at a certain event.