Our Top 8 Marketing Tools To Improve Your Demand Generation

Marketing tools save you money, time, and resources and improve your demand generation. High-quality marketing tools help track demand generation metrics, optimize lead generation, improve outreach and communication with prospects, and increase revenue. Of course, you can do it all manually, but you’ll lose valuable time. Additionally, you could miss out on opportunities that can only be captured through powerful marketing tools utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This article covers the top eight marketing tools we have found to enhance demand generation. 


An essential element in improving your demand generation is to discover who are the actual people behind your hashtag audiences. We have found SparkToro to be one of the best audience discovery tools.

Founded in 2018, SparkToro’s mission is to “make it easy to discover the websites, blogs, podcasts, social accounts, and publications that reach your audience.” Their audience research tool helps you understand who your target customers listen to and follow, what websites they visit, and what articles they read.

Precise intelligence on your hashtag audience’s needs, pain points, and online behavior enable you to improve your targeting and messaging. You’ll know what keywords to use in your messaging and content, which social channels to prioritize, and possibly even whether it makes sense to form collaborations with influencers. You’ll see your target audience through their digital touchpoints and be empowered to make future decisions depending on the audience you want to reach.

Lead Enforce 

As third-party data slowly disappears, detailed targeting becomes less available on native platforms. Digital channels such as Facebook removed many interest targeting options. Before the most recent META changes, B2B marketers could select relevant interests that best describe their customer persona. As a result, ad campaigns could target a relevant audience, improving outcomes and ROI.

A high-quality custom audience tool is vital to successful ad performance, especially today. The digital space is competitive, the sales cycle is longer, buyer groups have grown larger, and the digital attention span has decreased.

LeadEnforce enables you to create custom audiences that reduce ad costs, improve campaign performance, boost brand awareness, and improve demand generation.

Linkedin Sales Navigator
Linkedin Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator and Sales Insights

Sales Navigator is a sales intelligence platform that enables you to build and manage relationships with your buyers. The tool integrates with other solutions, such as CRM, to produce real-time, validated data.

LinkedIn markets Sales Navigator as its flagship product for sales and marketing teams, and we couldn’t agree more. This cutting-edge marketing tool empowers you to take your demand generation strategies and campaigns to the highest performance levels possible.

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator enables peak performance across the three most critical pillars for business growth: targeting, identifying buying intent and opportunities, and engaging with potential customers. All of this takes place within LinkedIn’s messaging and content-sharing platforms.

LinkedIn Sales Insights is a data product that gives you access to billions of data points. The data is updated daily, enhanced by machine learning and artificial intelligence, and collected from over 675 million members in over 200 countries.

You can purchase Sales Insights separately from Sales Navigator, but the two integrate seamlessly together, and we’ve found that their combined power maximizes outreach and demand generation.

LinkedIn Bot Tools

LinkedIn Bots and automation tools help you improve your outreach and demand generation performance. These tools are critical, especially in today’s constantly shifting and competitive B2B environment.

LinkedIn bots or automated tools keep the power in your hands while freeing up your time for other digital marketing priorities, such as designing, testing, and launching demand generation campaigns.

There are many LinkedIn bots to choose from, including

Meet Alfred– one of the top LinkedIn bots on the market that provides excellent UX and produces high-quality leads. You can schedule messages, generate demand, and identify and follow up with qualified leads.

Dux Soup– a bot that generates, organizes, and manages leads and prospects. Dux Soup makes it easier to create customized messaging, interactions, and communications with potential customers.

Octopus CRM– an automated tool or bot for LinkedIn that enables you to build a full marketing funnel.


Clearbit is a B2B data tool that provides marketing intelligence based on billions of data points mined from public and private sources, including websites, social profiles, press releases, legal filings, etc.

A leader in data quality, Clearbit uses machine learning algorithms to help you

  • create demand
  • capture intent
  • optimize pipeline
  • define optimum customer personas and target market
  • create personalized buying journeys
  • build campaigns that touch every point in the buying cycle to increase conversion.

B2B Data Tool Illustration


Lusha is a crowdsourced LinkedIn extension that helps B2B marketers identify, engage, and nurture qualified leads through the pipeline. Lusha eases the process of prospecting, improves demand generation, builds a contact list, and integrates with your CRM.


A competitor to Lusha is ZoomInfo, a data and intelligence sales and marketing platform that offers several solutions to help you improve your lead and demand generation.

ZoomInfo offers data and conversation intelligence, such as buyer intent and website tracking, predictive modeling, and data management. You’ll have a powerful tool to optimize your demand generation orchestration and engagement.


Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study found that Bombora’s B2B intent data delivers 342% ROI. Equipped with Bombora’s robust intent data, you’ll know when your target personas are online searching for a solution and which products and services they are researching. You’ll be able to

  • create messages and ads that connect with potential buyers
  • customize content to match your personas’ interests and pain points
  • drive engagement
  • improve demand generation
  • close more sales.


Demand generation is essential to business growth. As the marketplace becomes more competitive, the sales cycle lengthens, and customer acquisition costs rise, demand generation has become one of the most critical pillars of your marketing strategy. Marketing tools save you time and money, but more importantly, they help you level the playing field.

Gali Soudak, Founder & CEO

Gali Soudak, Founder & CEO

For the last 15 years, I tested various online marketing strategies to generate high quality leads across numerous industries. I view myself as an army general, building a strategy to overcome my competitor’s marketing army.

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