Mastering the digital elements

Daze is a complete universe of digital marketing services with fresh, creative ideas, solid data, and validation tools and tactics to solve complex challenges.

How can we serve you?

Digital marketing? Well done!

There’s no digital marketing strategy without amazing measurement and optimization. We see the full picture from the get go, and that makes all the difference.

Digital strategy
Content strategy

Content just got strategic

When content and marketing strategy meet, the results can be explosive. Our team crafts your voice and creates a content calendar to get you noticed. 

We are Automation nation

We know how to navigate and create the best automated campaigns for you, data driven and validated to drive results.

Linkedin Outreach

Reach out and convert someone

Touch decision makers with messages that inspire conversions. With effective LinkedIn Outreach that drives action, Daze gets B2B business results like never before.

B2B or not 2B? The answer is lead gen

Lead generation is a long term affair, not a one night stand. Our special blend of strategy, creativity and know-how creates demand that makes us the ultimate lead generators.

Lead Generation

You’re not invisible to us

With the right SEO, you’ll get seen by the right audiences. From technical SEO, to keyword research and content strategy, we’ll take your website search rankings higher.

They’re engaged!

We are LinkedIn champions, but our PPC strategy covers all social platforms. Our exclusive intent data sees inside the minds of your target audience, so they get engaged – fast.

Paid advertising
Thought leadership

Show ‘em what you’re made of

In today’s B2B landscape, you’ve got to stand out from the crowd. How? With original thought leadership content and insightful strategies to turn you into the leader you could be.

Social butterfly with substance

Turn the social media jungle into your natural habitat with smart strategies that show off the true character and value of your brand. LI, FB, wherever you are, we’re there for you.

Social media marketing
Inbound Marketing

Demand more leads

Create your dream customer journey that fills up your funnel with high-quality leads, from awareness to consideration to the ultimate prize – conversions.

Start at the top

Take a personalized approach to B2B with Account-Based Marketing. We’ll build you a supercharged funnel full of top quality leads from your top tier accounts.


More services:

Outbound marketing
Outbound Marketing

Touch decision makers with messages that inspire conversions. With effective LinkedIn Outreach that drives action, Daze gets B2B business results like never before.

Digital strategy
Digital Strategy

When content and marketing strategy meet, the results can be explosive. Our team crafts your voice and creates a content calendar to get you noticed.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)​.
Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

You want the big leads. ABM is how to get them

Reel in the big fish and enjoy the feast with Account-based Marketing, a B2B marketing method that identifies and targets only the most truly valuable leads.

Sure, ABM is a long-term strategy, but with Daze superstar targeting tactics, massive campaign management toolbox, and fine-tuned funnel nurturing expertise, you’ll soon reap the many rewards of ABM.

Lead Generation
Lead Gen

Our specialty is driving demand that leads customers to you.

While short-term lead generation has its place, it can’t work alone. It must come with a powerful demand generation strategy that builds brand affinity, helps customers understand why they need your solution, and creates a machine to drive leads in the long-term.

Let Daze create a hard-working, forward-thinking B2B lead gen program for your target audience and goals.

Paid Advertising

Drive awareness and conversions with data-driven paid campaigns.

Our paid advertising strategy goes beyond surface impressions and clicks. We are champions of B2B advertising on LinkedIn, but in fact we cover all the ad networks where your customers are.

Get access to Daze optimization expertise and our exclusive customer intent data, and discover a more focused, deliberate and results-driven PPC approach for the full funnel journey.

Content strategy
Content Strategy

Daze delivers original content on channels where your customers live.

Content is the glue that makes your target audience stick to your brand. Valuable, readable content that addresses customers’ pain points is the most powerful way to stand out in an ocean of websites, blogs and social media pages.

The Daze content team of expert writers and editors will find your voice, and get it heard on all your channels.

B2B digital marketing
Digital Marketing

Everything there is to digital marketing, under the Daze roof.

What drives traditional marketing – knowing the audience, defining your value proposition, choosing the right channels – also makes successful digital marketing, but with one (huge!) difference: measurement.

We’ll build your digital marketing strategy from the ground up, from discovery, creative and execution, to advanced tracking, measurement, and optimization.

Thought leadership
Thought Leadership

Our thought leadership strategy will make your brand a leader.

Want to stand out as a thought leader in a crowded B2B marketplace? We’ll create a personal branding strategy for you, so you’ll get noticed in your niche.

Via powerful, original content posted strategically from your profile, Daze will increase your network and build your expert persona so you stand head and shoulders above the competitors.

Social Media

Social media strategy by Daze drives traffic, interest and conversions.

Nearly 4.5 billion people are on social media. And that’s where you should be too. At Daze, our social media experts incorporate LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as part of your winning digital marketing strategy, creating and managing eye-catching campaigns to draw maximum engagement and drive conversions, at every stage of the customer funnel.


The internet is a tough place to compete. If you can’t boost your search rankings, you won’t get the visibility you deserve. Our SEO specialists thoroughly audit your website and build a powerful strategy to optimize for search results pages, so you can be sure your audience really sees you.

Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing

Daze creates irresistible marketing funnels for inbound audiences.

No customer journey is the same, so no two marketing funnels are ever alike. Daze inbound marketing experts analyze your customer journeys and build strategic funnels that deliver the right message for every stage – from awareness, to consideration and action.

Get more conversions and more customers with automated, optimized funnel management, only at Daze.


Daze will make the most of your HubSpot activity.

When you work with Daze, you know you’re getting the real thing. Maximum performance, maximum validation, excellent results. Our expert HubSpot team will onboard your data, create quick win campaigns, develop long-term nurturing flows, and set up validation strategies that drive conversions and leads.

Linkedin Outreach
LinkedIn Marketing

There’s much more to LinkedIn marketing than sharing posts and links. LinkedIn provides almost endless ways to build brand perception, assert thought leadership, communicate with prospects, generate leads, and connect with high-quality audiences of actual decision makers.

Leave your LinkedIn strategy to Daze, and get results.