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#B2B Marketing# Linkedin
In this article, we’ll unpack LinkedIn’s latest algorithm updates. You’ll learn how the algorithm changes can empower your performance and that you have nothing to fear.
#B2B Marketing# Linkedin
The B2B buyer journey has evolved. You need marketing content that nurtures buyers through each buyer journey stage and converts. Read these tips.
#B2B Marketing# Linkedin
Paid acquisition helps B2B companies acquire new customers more quickly than organic marketing. How, when and where should you use this strategy?
#B2B Marketing# Linkedin
B2B LinkedIn outreach helps you achieve your goals more quickly than email marketing. Read to find out why and how to use both to grow your business.
#B2B Marketing# Linkedin
Acquiring qualified B2B leads takes work and time. But losing that lead can happen quickly. Here are the top 8 causes and how you can fix them.
#B2B Marketing# Linkedin
LinkedIn’s deep targeting capabilities empower you to optimize your B2B marketing. Learn 5 top tips to boost your LinkedIn marketing performance.

LinkedIn Marketing

Join Gali Soudak for an intensive course that covers the essentials and beyond of B2B marketing on LinkedIn. Learn how to manage personal branding and thought leadership strategy, awareness and outreach campaigns, and get equipped with the skills to leverage the world’s biggest professional networking platform to meet your business goals.

Hubspot Training

Knowing how to set up the HubSpot system is the key to effective automation. In this workshop, HubSpot maven extraordinaire Resa Gooding will teach you the A to Z of the world’s favorite marketing automation tool, including key features and tactics for creating audience targeting lists, customer journey flows, tracking, optimization and much more.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Gali Soudak explores the essentials of digital marketing strategy, from the components and goals, to planning and execution. Explore real-world case studies, and various approaches to targeting, content creation and channel distribution that will bring results. Prep your team to create and implement successful digital marketing strategies – independently.

Analytics & Reporting

Get a double dose of expert instruction with Gali Soudak and Resa Gooding as they explore the methods and tools for digital marketing measurement and optimization. Discover how to be data driven, how to slice and dice data to get the most meaningful insights, how to work with benchmarks and KPIs, and what reports you should be using to generate real results.