B2B Social Media Marketing: Go Where Your Customers Love To Hang Out.

Social media strategy by Daze drives traffic, interest and conversions.

Nearly 4.5 billion people are on social media. And that’s where you should be too. At Daze, our social media experts incorporate LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as part of your winning digital marketing strategy, creating and managing eye-catching campaigns to draw maximum engagement and drive conversions, at every stage of the customer funnel.

What to expect

Organic social 131 130

Organic Social

We’ll plan, execute, track and optimize an organic content schedule on your audience’s best loved platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Paid social 131 130

Paid Social

Our paid advertising strategy on social media gets your ads in front of potential customers with the right message, at the right time, optimized for conversions.

Awareness to lead gen 131 130

From Awareness to Lead Gen

Benefit from a full-funnel social media strategy to drive the results you want, whether it be brand awareness, customer engagement, lead generation, or a mix of these.

Organic Social Media Marketing is Good for You, So Let’s Build Your Following

Building a following on social media demands a slow-burn organic strategy. Posting creative, engaging messages regularly on social media will do the job of catching audience attention and building curiosity about your brand and product over time. You’ve got a story to tell, and telling it to your audience while they hang out on social media is one of the most powerful tactics at your disposal.

The Daze team are experts at organic social campaigns, creating posts, images and videos about your brand, and strategizing a posting schedule that gets maximum exposure and interactions.

Whether on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter (or all three!), your organic social strategy is tracked and optimized to ensure best traffic and engagement, while you watch your follower base and business profile grow and grow.

Boost Your Social Media Profile With Targeted Paid Campaigns

While organic strategy works slowly and surely, paid social media advertising is a great way to grab attention fast and get seen instantly by relevant audiences.

Our social PPC team builds an advertising strategy that targets high-potential customers wherever they are, with enticing messaging and calls-to-action to drive engagement and traffic to your website and brand. Our ads and videos look great, and sound great too, so potential customers find it hard to scroll away.

We leverage advanced targeting techniques to tap into new audiences and find customers where you might never have thought to look. And of course, all paid social campaigns are tightly tracked, monitored and optimized in real time to make sure you get the most from every advertising dollar.

Support Your Marketing Funnel With Social Media Strategy for Every Stage

Wherever your customers are in the marketing funnel, you can be sure they are on social media too. That’s why it’s critical to capture their interest on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, with relevant social-friendly content, delivered at the right time.

Awareness stage? The Daze team will get your brand noticed with posts and ads targeted to customers looking to relieve their pain point. We’ll make sure they know that the product or service you offer might just be the perfect solution.

Lead gen? Our social strategy includes retargeting and outreach, as well as management and optimization of company pages and executive profiles. Warm leads will get exposed to the very best of your brand and product, driving them to convert.

From planning and execution, to tracking, reporting and optimization, Daze has got the whole marketing funnel covered with social media strategy to put your business at top of your customers’ minds.

See Case Study

Lital Sagiv

“I had an enjoyable and pleasant experience throughout the campaign, both on a professional and a personal level. I am extremely happy that we opted for the LinkedIn Outreach solution. I have been in my current position for about a year, and I constantly try to implement new techniques and directions. I am excited about the collaboration with Daze, and I am grateful to them for their professionalism, availability, their total involvement in the project and our stimulating discussions “.

Lital Sagiv, Bank Leumi’s HR Manager

Dafna Ratzon

“Apart from gaining a substantial number of meetings, we were extremely impressed by the transparency afforded to us at every stage of the LinkedIn campaign. We had full visibility, with in-depth monthly reports so we could track progress and adapt our marketing activities for the convention accordingly. Daze didn’t just boost our pipeline, it boosted our confidence.”

Dafna Ratzon, Director of Marketing @MER Group

Ohad Pollak

“When we were looking to create a demand generation driver that could support the growth of our company, we turned to Daze. Their ABM approach using LinkedIn drove incredible campaign metrics and lead gen results. It just goes to show that when you work with a digital agency who sets the right campaign strategy, supports it with top-notch professional content, and continuous campaign optimization, you can absolutely achieve high-quality leads of top executives”.

Ohad Polak, VP Marketing at Seebo

Amdocs logo
Rubi Cohen

“Daze is, by far, the best B2B digital agency I’ve had the pleasure to work with. They are leaders in the field of content strategy and paid funnel strategy. Their quality is outstanding, and they are able to maintain it throughout the many years I’ve been working with them. What I like most about Daze is their orientation for service. I can call Gali at midnight if I need something urgent and it will be taken care of immediately. I know I can trust that team, always. ”

Rubi Cohen, Head of Digital at Amdocs

Sharon Dovev

“Working with Daze allowed us to increase our search ranking and visibility among our target audience, via a combination of technical SEO, high-quality, professional content, and optimization of the user interface of our website. This multi-faceted approach leveraged by the Daze team not only increased our exposure in organic search and improved reader engagement; it translated into quality leads and eventually, into a significant boost in sales.”

Sharon Dovev, VP of global marketing, BrainsWay

Dafna Ratzon

“Apart from gaining a substantial number of meetings, we were extremely impressed by the transparency afforded to us at every stage of the LinkedIn campaign. We had full visibility, with in-depth monthly reports so we could track progress and adapt our marketing activities for the convention accordingly. Daze didn’t just boost our pipeline, it boosted our confidence.”


Dafna Ratzon, Director of Marketing @MER Group

More services that might interest you

Outbound Marketing

Reach a broader audience by targeting specific customers with tailored messages that result in lead generation and conversion. Daze B2B outbound marketing strategies complement your inbound marketing by driving traffic to your website and filling your sales pipeline.

Digital Strategy

When content and marketing strategy meet, the results can be explosive. Our team crafts your voice and creates a content calendar to get you noticed.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

You want the big leads. ABM is how to get them

Reel in the big fish and enjoy the feast with Account-based Marketing, a B2B marketing method that identifies and targets only the most truly valuable leads.

Sure, ABM is a long-term strategy, but with Daze superstar targeting tactics, massive campaign management toolbox, and fine-tuned funnel nurturing expertise, you’ll soon reap the many rewards of ABM.

Lead Gen

Our specialty is driving demand that leads customers to you.

While short-term lead generation has its place, it can’t work alone. It must come with a powerful demand generation strategy that builds brand affinity, helps customers understand why they need your solution, and creates a machine to drive leads in the long-term.

Let Daze create a hard-working, forward-thinking B2B lead gen program for your target audience and goals.

Paid Advertising

Drive awareness and conversions with data-driven paid campaigns.

Our paid advertising strategy goes beyond surface impressions and clicks. We are champions of B2B advertising on LinkedIn, but in fact we cover all the ad networks where your customers are.

Get access to Daze optimization expertise and our exclusive customer intent data, and discover a more focused, deliberate and results-driven PPC approach for the full funnel journey.

Content Strategy

Daze delivers original content on channels where your customers live.

Content is the glue that makes your target audience stick to your brand. Valuable, readable content that addresses customers’ pain points is the most powerful way to stand out in an ocean of websites, blogs and social media pages.

The Daze content team of expert writers and editors will find your voice, and get it heard on all your channels.