B2B Tech Marketing Interview

Allbound marketing

Daze’s outbound B2B campaigns owe their effectiveness to a great deal of preliminary research, which helps them target potential clients’ pain points and offer them a unique added value. With the right background information on quality leads, and a laser-focused presentation of the true value your services

Linkedin Strategy: An Essential Part Of Your Marketing Mix

If you market a B2B product, Linkedin is a great place to start your awareness campaign – whether for brand building, for a new product or offering, or to promote another marketing activity – for example, let potential customers know you are going to be at a certain event.

Linkedin Company Page: Build Relationships That Drive Results

Linkedin Company Page

Over 80% of Linkedin members want to connect with companies (source: Linkedin). Which is why many Enterprises invest substantial resources in developing their Linkedin company page pages, and use their pages as their main hub for their online marketing activity. HP, for example, used the Products and Services tab on their Linkedin company page as […]