Case Study: Daze Boosts BrainsWay's Search Visibility & Sales


Increase in users and sessions

The BrainsWay website saw a surge in views of users who demonstrated interest in the site’s content.


Average keyword ranking position

BrainsWay’s site’s keyword visibility showed a marked improvement following the SEO campaign.

+ 0 %

Site visibility

Brand awareness and visibility increased significantly, particularly in comparison to leading competitors.

Sharon Dovev

“Working with Daze allowed us to increase our search ranking and visibility among our target audience, via a combination of technical SEO, high-quality, professional content, and optimization of the user interface of our website. This multi-faceted approach leveraged by the Daze team not only increased our exposure in organic search and improved reader engagement; it translated into quality leads and eventually, into a significant boost in sales.”

Sharon Dovev, VP of global marketing, BrainsWay

The Challenge

The BrainsWay website was severely lacking in quality content to compete for keywords and win rankings. As a result, it was not seen by Google or Bing, which pushed the site ranking down even further. In addition to the lack of relevant, SEO-optimized content about BrainsWay services and related topics, the user experience was suboptimal on several web pages, including the Contact page, making it frustrating for visitors to browse, navigate, and engage with the company. This had a direct impact on conversion and sales.

The Ingredients

In order for BrainsWay to build brand awareness and nurture quality leads via the website, the site content and user experience would need to be fine-tuned to appeal to both B2B and B2C clients, and optimized for SEO to attain higher visibility in search engines. Each blog or article had to be written or edited with an in-depth understanding of the target audience, their pain points, and search keywords. Also, it was vital to merge BrainsWay’s US and international websites to create a unified, global brand and stronger domain authority as it continued to advance in rankings of relevant keywords and phrases.

The Methodology

The Daze solution incorporated several technical SEO optimizations, such as reduced loading time and improved navigation. Google Analytics goals were implemented to assess valuable on-site actions and track lead generations. The Daze team created a lot of high-quality, keyword-rich content to turn the site into a hub of engaging and relevant information for the target audiences, signaling the site’s quality to search engines and thereby improving search rankings, visibility, and traffic. The UI of several web pages was optimized for ease of use, particularly the Contact page, making it much easier for prospects to express their interest. Finally, the Daze team worked hard to ensure ranking, continuity following the merge of the two BrainsWay websites, helping to preserve recognition already amassed on search engines and transferring it to the newly migrated site.

The Outcome

The BrainsWay website saw a surge in traffic, with a close-to-200% increase in the number of users and sessions. This is due to the increased quality and relevance of the site’s content, which more effectively addressed the pain points of the target audience. BrainsWay’s website significantly improved its search engine rankings, appearing as options 1-3 in a multitude of key search phrases used by interested audiences.

Google Search rankings advanced 70% of selected keywords, with 46 reaching the coveted first search results page. BrainsWay’s brand awareness and visibility also received a significant boost, particularly noticeable when compared to similar companies: +14.27% growth in search visibility, with the closest competitor achieving just 1.6%. Furthermore, following the SEO campaign, the keyword visibility of the BrainsWay site showed incredible improvement, moving an average of 56.15 positions higher.

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