Lead Generation Case Study: Mer Group Achieves Amazing Lead Gen Results


Connection requests approved

Daze identified high potential contacts and sent connection requests via profiles of Mer Group’s Sales Dev representatives.


0 %

Response rate to follow-up messages

Fine-tuned LinkedIn messages targeted to the right audiences sparked high levels of interest and action.

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Leads generated

Mer Group builds a pipeline of warm leads for further nurturing at the upcoming convention and beyond.


Dafna Ratzon

“Apart from gaining a substantial number of meetings, we were extremely impressed by the transparency afforded to us at every stage of the LinkedIn campaign. We had full visibility, with in-depth monthly reports so we could track progress and adapt our marketing activities for the convention accordingly. Daze didn’t just boost our pipeline, it boosted our confidence.”


Dafna Ratzon, Director of Marketing @MER Group

The Challenge

Mer Group was looking to reach out to Smart City integrators worldwide and schedule face-to-face sales meetings with interested prospects at an upcoming industry convention (MWC). Mer entrusted Daze to develop a solution that will bring the highest possible number of relevant leads and secure the maximum number of meetings in the lead-up to the event.

However, there was little information on hand about the target audience, who they were and what messaging would work best.


The Ingredients

Mer Group wanted to attract the attention of a very specific target audience of decision makers at large organizations. These individuals have several different job titles, and often belong to different departments, making them very hard to pinpoint. Based on Daze expertise in data analysis, targeting and outreach best practices, the campaign identified and targeted high potential contacts with two rounds of LinkedIn messages: a connection request (in three different versions) and a series of three follow-up messages to those who connected.

The Methodology

Daze worked with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify high-potential leads via a customized targeting query. After a lot of data analysis and testing, we segmented the right target audience and crafted a strategic series of LinkedIn messages. These were sent to prospects from the profiles of Mer Group Sales Development Representatives, according to region, for the most personal outreach experience. The Daze team worked closely with Mer’s SDRs to finetune the messaging, tone and even specific wording of emails for each country. This ensured an accurate, culturally appropriate tone, optimized for local target audiences.

The Outcome

The consistent flow of LinkedIn messages sent to strategically targeted audiences ensured great conversion rates, with 32.32% connection requests approved, and 12.6% response rate to follow-up messages.


Although the campaign’s primary goal was setting up sales meetings at a particular event, the positive impact will be felt for far longer. Of those who replied to the connection request, 43% became leads. This created a substantial pipeline of warm leads who can be nurtured in the future, even if they did not choose to initiate a meeting during the convention.


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